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GOOD News: The Couple Who Gave Birth To 10 Babies Received 10 Million Donation

The heartbreaking story of a Tembisa couple who has born prematurely to ten children has prompted many residents to achieve into their wallets to assist the pair in taking care of their children. Goisame Thamara set a Guinness World Record by childbirth to decuplets in a single evening. The couple has been congratulated by the Guiness World Records, but the story is still being verified. 

Dr. Iqbal Survé, a multimillionaire, gave Tebogo Tsotetsi, the baby's father, an R1 million contribution. The good doctor greeted him as a honorary member in Waterfront Cape Town, where he was awarded R1 million for his sixteen kids, which included the duceplets, twins, and 4 other kids.

Survé Nonprofits Foundation congratulated the couple and decided to give the parents an extra R1 million to help maintain the infants cared for, as well as other assets to make sure that the infants have great health, nourishment, and a safe place to call home. Not only that, but they've set up a trust fund for residents to make donations to in order to assist with the children's upbringing. 

Tsotetsi, who is jobless, has expressed gratitude to all South Africans who have offered and pledged assistance, and has noted that he is aware of the video that the kids do not exist, but has verified that they do. 

He also stated that the duceplets will be in maternity ward for the next 3 months due to their preterm birth and incubation. He also demonstrated that the mother was only able to give birth to five of her kids generally, with the rest having to be delivered via cesarean delivery. He also says that when the time is right, the public will be able to see the kids.

Despite the great news, some people are dissatisfied with the pair and think that the funds should have gone to a good cause, such as Eskom, to advantage all residents of the republic. Others presume it's a ruse, and that the doctor is only interested in gaining publicity rather than severing ties with his millions. Source: 

The truth of the children's story has been validated by the authorities. The family requires everyone's help in raising the nation's children. Those who can help will, and those who can't shouldn't be discouraging others from doing what they want with their money.


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