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Sex Education to be intensified in schools

Sex Education to be intensified in schools

Most teachers are not comfortable with talking about sex, i think that there are people who can do this effectively and in a fun way. Other organisations, i am not sure if they can outsource such services to them.

My LO teacher preferred talking about drugs and alcohol abuse to talking about sex. The only time he spoke about sex, was when we were learning about STIs but the subject was always not something he liked, you could actually tell he was uncomfortable.

I think schools should concentrate on technical issues that assist kids be entrepreneurs. Technical schools and colleges, instead of this

Can they add entrepreneurship, financial literacy and Tech development in that as well. Intensify it also.

Some kids will teach the teachers, especially the religious kids whose parents are conservative or overly protective!!! Truth. Mxm the teachers are shy of talking about it.

And male teachers smashes our sisters out there

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