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" My stepfather literally asked me to sleep with him and l don't know what to do about his request"

Stepfathers are supposed to behave like parents around their stepdaughters. Of course, becoming a step-parent can be challenging and rewarding. The rewards of being a step-parent can include :

• Opportunity to play a central role in a child’s life.

• Pleasures and support of an extended family network.

• Opportunity for your children to develop strong relationships with stepsiblings and half-siblings.

When you become a step-parent, it’s normal to wonder whether you should act like a parent from the start, or take a wait-and-see approach. There’s no one right way to be a step-parent. Over time you’ll find a way of step-parenting that suits you and your family.

Most stepfathers tend to abuse their stepdaughters in the absence of their stepdaughters' mothers. Few days ago, a young lady named Mbali astounded social media users after posting that her stepfather literally asked her to sleep with him. What he did is uncalled for and it could have dire consequences on his relationship if the mother of the said young girl finds out.

Any man can allegedly make a child, but it takes a special man to help raise a child.

As a stepdaughter, never ever try to have an affair with your stepdad thinking that your mother will never find out. There is a way in which the truth always comes out. Imagine if your mother finds out that when she's absent her own daughter entertains her stepfather. She obviously will not like it and she might evict you fro. her home.

Becoming a stepparent comes with its challenges. Most kids whose parents get remarried while their separated parent is still alive hope they might get a chance of reconnection. Often, this is the primary cause of resentment towards stepparents. The hope of their parents reuniting might cause negative feelings such as anger, hate, or confusion.

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