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Young woman thinks she is having twins but doctors found something different | See Photos

Alexandra Kenova, then 23, believed she understood where her life was heading. She had a wonderful boyfriend named Anthony, whom she adores. Alexandra and her lover, Anthony, have always desired a large family. However, the couple did not anticipate it would be this soon. They assumed they would have sufficient time to prepare their home and lives for their children prior to expanding their family.

However, Alexandra became pregnant earlier than the couple anticipated. She became pregnant with twins, or so she believed, until an ultrasound revealed the startling reality.

Alexandra's belly seemed to grow larger and larger day after day. And before she knew it, her stomach had ballooned to enormous proportions. Alexandra later returned for another ultrasound, during which the doctor revealed some news that would forever alter the couple's lives.

Alexandra became pregnant for the second time. She anticipated that her second pregnancy would be effortless, as she had already had a trial run with her first. Alexandra and Anthony's families both had a history of twins, so they were unsurprised when the first ultrasound revealed they were expecting twins. However, when she returned to her doctor for the second ultrasound, she received some unexpected news, and even the doctor was taken aback by the ultrasound results, which included something that occurs once in a million times.

How did the second ultrasound go? Wasn't her partner the father of the fetuses? Or was it that a tumor was growing inside her stomach? Can you guess what the result of the second ultrasound was?

Indeed, the ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with more than twins. However, the exact number of babies in her womb was unknown. Due to the way multiple babies are positioned in the womb of a pregnant woman, it is difficult to determine the actual number of babies. Alexandra was told by her doctors that she would not have twins, but she might have triplets or quadruplets. Though the exact number of babies was unknown, doctors advised her to expect between three and four, as evidenced by the size of her belly.

Alexandra was forced to wait until childbirth to ascertain the true number of babies and their genders. Finally, the day of childbirth arrived, and Alexandra underwent a Caesarean section to extract the multiple babies. Surprisingly, she gave birth to five healthy and normal babies. She was the mother of four boys and one girl.

Alexandra and Anthony are now happily married and have four sons named Daniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin. And their sole daughter, Teresca.

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