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Meet Victoria, The Robot Who Was Created To Give Birth Like A Real Woman

Meet Victoria, the robot who was designed to give birth in the same way that a real woman would. 

Several wealthy medical corporations have invested in technological advancements that have resulted in the development of a robot named Victoria, who can give birth like a real woman during an emergency c-section procedure. 

Despite her age, Victoria, a new patient who has recently been admitted to the nursing programs at Shawnee Community College, has the ability to give birth on multiple occasions. 

She may be able to reproduce both low-risk and high-risk deliveries, as well as complications such as post-partum hemorrhage or dystocytic shouldering. 

You think it's good. 

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Victoria was designed to be able to breathe, bleed, and, most importantly, reproduce the process of human pregnancy. 

It was created with the goal of furthering research into female delivery and assisting medical students in their learning process without endangering the lives of genuine patients. 

While the progeny of Victoria are also robot-like in appearance, they are taught to act and behave as if they are real infants. Victoria's successful birth was depicted in a film released by Gaumard Scientific four years ago, which was shown to the public. 

Victoria is also able to communicate and explain discomfort throughout her life, which improves her communication and explanation abilities. Despite its ability to produce a large number of videos and articles, the Victoria robot falls short of the ideal. 

In your opinion, what do Victoria and the scientists who created it deserve? 

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