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"Everyday I pray for my Mom to stay alive. She’s not a good person" a man left Mzansi stunned

If the parents were hurt in their developmental years, they will have problems accepting love and intimacy from their children. Faced with the emotional pain that it causes them, parents will unconsciously distance themselves from their child. Parents have unresolved trauma in their own lives.

These type of parents ard usually labelled as bad parents, some don't even treat their children as their own. It's a very painful experience to ever go through as a child because you don't receive the motherly love that most chic receive from their mothers. 

A man who was raised by a bad mom recently shared on social media that: "Everyday I pray for my Mom to stay alive. She’s not a good person so having her as an ancestor would destroy me". His post caught a lot of people's attention as many wondered why he would refer to his mom as a bad person.

One person in the comments even stated that: "Pains me to see how parents sometimes drive their kids to feeling this way about them, 💔parents are supposed to be the love, support and security we need". What do you think of this man's words and experience about his mom? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 

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