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Traditional healer reveal the purpose of doing this to a newborn baby see more details below

As people, we have different beliefs especially black people. Some black people believe in doing cultural things as they believe In ancestors, they believe that if they do things the way olden people did who are now their ancestors their things will go well. They feel that it's a good thing not to change how they did things but continue with their culture.

But cultural things can be complicated sometimes, that's why it's always important that when you do them, do them according to the way expected because if things are not done the way expected a lot of bad things can happen. And people can get hurt. So that is why it is important to have people who are going to be there to guide them when it comes to such things.

And some people don't know about such things but they are taught on social media by people like Mam Elle. Like what she did today, people learned something they didn't know about their culture. Mam Elle took to her social media account and shared some important information about culture. Below is what she shared.


The baby is washed by the granny and the bath contents differ per clan/tribe some add rainwater, bile, cud, impepho, aloe, isilawu, etc the water is poured the same if the house is not cemented or kraal. Red ochre (Abimbola/above) is smeared on the baby's body. The purpose of this bath is to connect the baby to their ancestral roots and shield them from any negativity thus allowing their destiny and luck to flourish.

It's every parent's dream to see their kids succeed and become better people. Some people believe that they have to do the right things when the baby is still you, but then again this thing goes with your belief some things only work if you believe.

And like I said before that this thing goes with your belief and going through the comments some people liked what Mama Elle taught them today. One lady even asked her if it's ok to do it when the child is already 3 years and she said yes. Which is a good thing that Mama Elle teaches people about their culture which some people don't know anything about traditional things.


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