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Tips for maintaining a long distance relationship with grandparents

if you live far from your parents because of work or for other reasons and your children do not have time to bond with their grandparents. Below are tips on how you can help your kiddiewinks maintain a healthy long-distance relationship with their grandfather and grandmother.

Let's go find them one by one.

1) Visit frequently

If you live in the same city, be sure to take your children to visit their grandmother and grandfather more often and if you live in another city, plan to return visit during the summer on public holidays or long weekends. On top of that, you can also encourage their grandparents to plan visits or a long stay with you.

2) Technology makes keeping in touch easier

With advancements in technology, keeping in touch has become very easy. that the children have something to look forward to. In addition to these, kids can exchange emails, pictures, voice notes (including falling asleep stories and nursery rhymes) or texts with their grandmother and grandfather.

3) Surprise them when they least expect it

Grandparents love to pamper their grandchildren.Whenever they visit them, they make sure to surprise them with gifts. What you can do differently is, instead of giving them away on the usual occasion, surprise them by sending them gifts in the mail on a non-occasional basis. The best gift options are sending cookies, their favorite gadget, a collage of images, or a simple letter. This way, they will feel more connected and loved.

4) No more one-to-one communication

When grandchildren or grandparents visit you, encourage your child to spend some one-on-one time with Grandma in the kitchen. 'helping while she prepares family recipes, as this will help her conversation run more freely.

On top of that, asking the grandfather to read stories will lead to meaningful and sometimes even enlightening conversations.

5) Friendly Relations

Grandparents serve as a bridge between parents and children.The pressure to be the best parents starts with getting their kids to learn to talk, walk, behave, etc. As a grandparent, you can teach your grandchildren without the burden of being perfect as parents. In this way, you can act as their friend and guide them the right way every step of the way, for example, in their hobbies, teaching them to face competition and to be positive.

Last word:

Grandmother and grandfather have their experiences to tell in the form of stories. In addition, they are the repository of beautiful, inspiring stories that no child should be denied. So nostalgic, I feel right now!What is the strongest memory of your childhood with your grandparents?

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