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Pregnancy period

Should We Kicked Out, Pregnant Teenagers From Home?

I want us to have a very open talk as parents , it is very sad to see the high number of teenagers who are getting pregnant . It is not s good thing because if the teenager get pregnant while at school , she will be forced to cancel the school and maybe continue the following year if that is possible . 

Now I want us to take it home , we've seen so many different reactions from the parents towards their pregnant children's , some they chased them away . 

Is Chasing Away A Child a solution ? I personally it really not a good punishment but it can make the situation worse , I can imagine thinking that you no longer have your own home . That can lead to depression which is totally not acceptable for a pregnant person . 

I do understand that , our children disappoint us every time , they get exposed to things that we don't even imagining them touching them , there's no parent who gave birth to a child who use Whoonga and still be excited , same thing applies to a pregnancy . A parent need time to accept the mistake of the child and time to talk to her in person . 

To all young parents , it important to sit down with your children and talk about things like Pregnancy , sex risks , substance abuse etc . It shouldn't be a schools responsibility to do teach children's about these things , parents must talk to their children's about these things , they have to know the realities of hiv and aids in South Africa . 

I would like to hear you comment below , is it really necessary to chase away a young teenager who you just found out , she's pregnant . Let me know on the comment section below , do not forget to follow me for all updates and more .

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