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Opinion-The pain women who cant have children feels

Children is a gift from god but not everyone got one.some don't have children because they don't want them ,but to other is biological barrier. It is very painful for a woman to realize that the chances of having children is getting slim due to biological barrier.

The pride of woman is bear you own kids .many can end up stealing children at hospital just to have one, but there are many factors that contribute to bear less woman.

below are factors that lead to women not have kids

1 infertility this is the common in many woman,were a woman reproductive is unable to produce a baby or to carry the baby. Is either the womb removed or the womb can't carry the children.

2 not interested into relationships with men lesbian can't give birth because they dont interact with men. So this deny them the right to be mothers.

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3 some health issues due to some disease some woman can't give birth because some medical attention is needed. Some don't even do follow ups about the health issues. So this deny them the chances of having children.

4not having serious relationships sometimes people abort to have kids due to not trusted relationships. Some feel to have children before marriage is a sin . But unfortunately time suprises them to end up not having one.

Please read and complete this article your inputs is more welcome dont forget to sanitizer covid still available.

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