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A South African Man Foresaw What happen in Traven In March But No one Believe Him SEE What He Said

A South Africa national said in his Twitter account @monnapulemokhu1 that in march I wrote this piece i am shattered. #EnyobeniTravern he foresaw what happened in Traven and trying warning parents through the piece he wrote but no one took it serious.

Source and Link : @monnapulemokhu1 Twitter account. In the Piece he wrote he said “ Cry my beloved country. We are sharing the night with children. The under 18s are all over pub and Travens. Alcohol is damaging us. Is it because we are a country that lost morals. A country that have no laws, a country with no identity. Is this all happening due to absence of sport infrastructure, no netball grounds, soccer fields,parks , library or stadiums. Are these children bored at home. Do we still have role model in our black communities. Is this all happening because of music exposure. Amapiano genre. Who should we blame, should we blame the parents. Is it me and you. What is going on in our country.

After he said wrote this piece no one took under 18s Teenagers going to Traven but no one took that serious.

After he posted this below are the comments of South Africans was commented on the post.

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