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Does Breastfeeding Make Your Breast Sag?


After giving delivery, some women assert that their breasts shrink, sag, or droop. Although many blame breastfeeding, these alterations can occur whether or not you decide to breastfeed.

Researchers discovered that heredity, age, body mass index (BMI), number of pregnancies, higher pre-pregnancy bra size, and smoking increase the likelihood of drooping in the first study to examine factors that affect breast shape (not size) in 2007. Dispelling the misconception that breastfeeding causes breasts to droop, changes in breast shape were not predicted by a history of breastfeeding, the number of children breastfed, the length of time each kid was breastfed, or the amount of weight acquired during pregnancy.

Although the effects of weight gain and reduction on breast size and form can be mitigated by maintaining a healthy and stable weight throughout life, gravity and time will inevitably have their way.

Contrary to what is typically believed, wearing a bra may increase the likelihood of sagging. One Japanese study discovered that after a group of 11 bra-less women wore a bra for three months, the breasts actually "hung down more." This study supports the idea that bras are an unneeded additional item that may actually cause more harm than benefit by allowing the chest muscles to atrophy from lack of activity, despite the tiny sample size.

Make sure to take your bra off for one or two feedings during the day or at night if you're one of the many women who decide to wear a bra while nursing, whether for support, comfort, or to keep breast pads in place. As a result, the likelihood of clogged ducts and breast engorgement will be diminished and milk will be able to drain from all areas of the breast. For mothers who use underwired bras, this is especially true.

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