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SA drag mother for dressing her kid as a mermaid, they claim it has spiritual implications

As a result of her decision to compare her small baby daughter to one of those Disney characters, a mother has become the talk of the town. No doubt she enjoys watching movies, and it was such movies that inspired her to put her small baby girl in such a vulnerable state of mind. 

It was because she had seen mermaids that she had formed a fondness for them, and for that reason, she resolved to build one for herself. She couldn't find one, so she made one for herself, which was quite amusing. This mother physically went to the shopping in order to get mermaid-like clothing for herself in order to gift to her small child. 

According to the images uploaded by the mother, it appears that the infant is not thrilled about the prospect of becoming a mermaid. In order to simply feel comfortable, she is actually stressed out. Throughout all of the photos, she appears to be on the verge of bursting out laughing during that amusing moment. I can't really blame her mother because this generation is going to throw some surprises at us in the near future. 

Her mother has long been a movie enthusiast, to the point where she is unable to discern whether or not her daughter is comfortable with the activities she conducts. 

The photographs drew the attention of the internet community. Some of them believe the mother is a genius, while others believe the mother is simply robbing her precious newborn girl of the right to comfortability. 

The third group of netizens who have spoken out about this issue have brought up a very concerning aspect. Their argument is that the mother is ushering this tiny girl into an awful world because of the spiritual significance of this incident. 

I'm not sure what they're talking about, if you know what they're talking about, please share your thoughts in the comments section, but for me, the only negative aspect of this is that the baby isn't feeling comfortable. There is absolutely nothing spiritual about this place.

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