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Six Ways To Discipline Your Child Without Shouting At Them

Most parents yell at their children at some point; it's something they do until it's second nature to them. About 70% of parents do this. When parents yell at their children, it doesn't seem to have any effect on their behavior. If anything, it reinforces your child's undesirable conduct, which in turn leads to even more yelling.

A common misunderstanding among parents is the fact that yelling at their children does nothing to help them learn to manage their undesirable habits. It's not as simple as telling your children to read their books while yelling at them. To avoid yelling at your child(ren), what methods do you use to enforce discipline instead?

To get you started, here are six suggestions:

Make a list of all the regulations and stick to them.

By establishing rules for your family, you can avoid yelling at your children (ren). Make sure your children understand and can follow the rules you set up for them. When your child disobeys the rules, don't yell at him; instead, reprimand him immediately (ren).

2. Plan Ahead For Consequences

Once you've established some home rules, the next step is to devise a punishment schedule for those who break them. Through this medium, you're letting your children know ahead of time what's going to happen.

There will be no food if you do not fulfill your assignments, for example. If your child choose not to use it, it's up to them. Consider which consequences your child will benefit from (ren).

Encourage your youngster to do well in school (ren)

While it may seem counterproductive, enforcing the rules will benefit your child(ren). Invite them out or assist them in the pursuits they find pleasurable. Praise your youngster if he or she does an excellent job with his or her responsibilities, for example. If your child is having trouble adhering to a household rule, try to be an encouraging role model for them.

Identify Your Primary Emotional Reasons for Yelling

It's time to reevaluate your parenting style if you yell at your children all the time. See if you can find ways to calm yourself down if you are constantly irate.

In order to regulate and control your Temper, you'll need this.

Give Your Children a Warning If Necessary

As a parent, you have the authority to offer a warning to your child when it's warranted (ren). You may say something like, "You watch cartoons when you do your assignments." Then you're warning others about the possible repercussions of adhering to a particular standard.

Make a Follow-Up Plan

If you set a penalty for breaching a rule, don't change it until the rule has been broken. By doing this, you're demonstrating your commitment to your child(ren). If, for example, failing to do schoolwork results in a refusal of meals, be sure to follow up as soon as possible.

Your child will be in a better position to make wise decisions in the future if you do this.

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