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Pregnancy period

How to STOP Pregnancy using these AFRICAN homemade remedies.

These article is going to help people who are afraid to be pregnant. Because we all know that being pregnant sometimes is a big disappointment in the family and pregnancy can make you left behind.

Here in Africa we just realized that we have 50% of teenage pregnancy, children who are making babies while still studying. But here we have the solution for them and for adults as well. If you and your partner made love without using protection and you don't wanna have a baby. Your in the right place, these article is for you. Especially for people who come from rural areas.

Please follow these instructions below of how to stop Pregnancy using African homemade remedies.

1. Go to the Bush or Jungle and plant Acacia specie.

2. Please look the Picture up there it shows the root of an Acacia specie how it looks like.

3. It is a contraceptive remedy most used by Africans in Ancient times.

4. It was chewed by any women about once a week to prevent pregnancy.

5. This method still works and there are no side effects using these method.

This method is 100% working without no any single side effects. Than to go to private hospitals or clinics to do an abortions.

We know that is difficult for people from urban areas to find these African remedies for them. But we encourage them to go to African pharmacies to look for "Acacia specie". They will get help there. Is all over South African towns and street vendors they sell it as well.

Please SHARE these methods with other people, so that we can stop teenage pregnancy and unnecessary pregnancies for our sisters out there.

We will highly appreciate that if you share with others. Still more homemade remedies to come.

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