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Teenage Pregnancy: Amukelani's mother insists on her having an abortion

Teenage Pregnancy is a recent and controversial show that has come to Moja Love. It showcases the lives of teenage girls as they reveal their current atae and try to navigate life around it. Its basis is on education as there are thought provoking questions being asked throughout the episode.

But Amukelani's mother stood out as a true villain.

According to statsSA, in 2020 the number of teenage mothers was significant, with a total of 33 899 births to mothers aged 17 years and younger. This is highly alarming by itself and perhaps the motive of this show is to scare teenagers away from unplanned pregnancies derailing their lives.

We met Amukelani whose mother was determined to have her daughter abort the baby inside of her. She's been so determined that she went to recruit her eldest daughter to convince Amukelani that this is the right choice. This idea backfired as she confirmed that abortion should be by choice not by force. Her mother was irritated, almost petulant as she declared she would not be looking after her grandchild.

Personal Thoughts

I wish I could say I was surprised but this but I'm truly not. "What will people say" syndrome is strong in the blaclncommunity. I do believe that abortion is a valid choice, but that should be a choice made by the mother of said baby. It isn't for an external person to decide. Bullying someone into something as delicate as an abortion shows a genuine lack of feeling. Amukelani may have made a mistake but there is no need to act as though she cannot think for herself.

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Source: Teenager Pregnancy on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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Amukelani Teenage Pregnancy


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