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People react after someone shared this good news about what Sassa is going to do this December

For the past three years, people have been through a lot losing in terms of losing their jobs due to covid. It even came to a point where parents can't provide for their kids as it's hard to do so because they don't have an income. As we speak it's alleged that there are families who only survive with Sassa money.

For some kids, Christmas closes it's a thing of the past because it's hard for parents to afford them as it's not easy for them and there's nothing as painful for a parent to see their kids suffer only because they can't provide for them. Though our government is trying to help those in need by giving them R350 Sassa relief fund and R450 child support grant, it's not enough to support a child but it's better than nothing.

With everything that's happening today whatever people say, people will listen and do because they are in need and they will do anything to receive that help.

A lady took to her social media account and shared some interesting news about what pep does that left people excited, according to what that lady wrote on Facebook says pep Is giving away vouchers to mothers who receive support grand for their kids/kids, all you have to do is take their Sassa card and ID go to pep and apply, and with that voucher, you can be able to buy Christmas clothes for your kids.

Some people couldn't believe what she said but in the comments section, some people had some information about this matter. When it comes to such things more especially free things it's hard to believe that it's possible you can get them for free, but like they say sharing is caring she took it upon herself because she cares to share this information.

So to people who have any knowledge about this matter please come forward and help out with the information, as we can't let an opportunity like this pass people by.

Kindly please leave your comments and share for people to see because the more it reaches people the more will get enough information this won't only help you but a lot more people to get clarification about this matter.

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