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Pregnancy period

Sh0cking: Pregnant woman thought she had twins in her but doctors found this instead


It has been revealed that there is a woman by the name of Alexandra Kenova, and her 23 years she thought that she knew where her life was headed to, because of that she had a loving husband. He married her and they stayed happily ever after, but she never knew what was waiting for her in-store.

It is said that she fell pregnant and judging from the size of the Belly, she thought that she carried twins. But what amazed her was that her stomach kept on growing and growing each and every day, so she thought that maybe it was a disease or something happened to the babies.

So her husband took her to a doctor, when they got there the doctor scanned her and watch what the doctor found was that she carried more than two. But what made them be amazed was that at first, the ultra scan showed that they were going to have twins, but now it shows that it is more than two.

And it is revealed that it was not her first pregnancy and her first pregnancy she gave birth to twins, but now since the belly is more than it was at first, they got afraid and the doctor revealed that they are going to have five babies at once, this shook them but there was nothing they could do.

As time went by the time for her to give birth came near, and by the grace of the Lord, she gave birth to 4 boys and one girl.

She revealed that the challenge that they faced was to take care of 5 babies at once, but that did not change the fact that they were happy with their children.

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