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The importance of choosing a name and having a ritual purification after miscarriage or abortion

Isinyama can be defined as a dark cloud hovering over a person who has just lost a baby due to a miscarriage or abortion. This dark cloud is the unfortunate result of many women and men in their lives. To remove this dark cloud, purification is required.

There are too many opinions about abortion. Some people say it is the biggest sin, and some people argue about it. No matter what your reason is, we can't hear anyone judge anyone. No matter how far you are pregnant, abortion is also death.

addition, abortion is also death, because you know that if death comes to your door, you will not be able to control it, and it will never return empty-handed. According to African culture, when this kind of ordeal occurs, one should be purified to avoid isinyama. If the parents of a dead baby are not purified, they will definitely encounter difficulties.

A baby that was not carried to term can still be a spirits to its parents. This spirit can cause life problems even though it was still tender. It is said the baby's soul seeks attention and to be set free.

If it does not happen they will show their anger by making your life miserable. During the cleansing ceremony the baby will be given a name, food and clothes. If this is not done the baby's soul will hung around the parents.

After purifying the baby's soul, he can stay with other ancestors freely. No matter how modern the world becomes, don't forget to clean. For most people, many things go wrong because they ignore this. The spirit of these babies is jealous, they don't want to feel neglected and not loved. So give them attention and apologize to them, because deep down you don't love them, right? So write something. Have you lost a baby because of a miscarriage, abortion, or still being born. 


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