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Woman in labor notices doctor is acting weird – Then looks down at his feet and freezes in shock

Las Vegas resident Alexis Sims made the trip to Sunrise Hospital for her baby's birth in hopes of obtaining the greatest treatment from the hospital's doctors. She has video proof that her experience was considerably more subdued than expected.

In order for Alexis to give birth, her labor had to be induced, but the doctor who attended to her was not actually a serious medical specialist. Dr. Frank DeLee was called in to help deliver the baby because her usual doctor was on vacation..

It was only when Dr. DeLee walked into the room and allegedly had alcohol on his breath, Alex's mother, Sheree, stated that she knew something was amiss. Dr. DeLee then went on to relate how he had just returned after a night of drinking with friends.

I could detect a hint of alcohol in the air, so I turned around and walked "Sheree had a flashback. "That's what preceded the conversation about him leaving the pub. Because of this, I said to myself, "Oh, he smells like booze!"

That wasn't the doctor's intention when he made fun of his patient's weight and slammed her for being fat. What kind of person would do such a thing?

Her actions were quite alarming, as she recorded the scene on her phone as Alexis' position began to deteriorate.

To one of the nurses, he stated there weren't many people in the bar when he went to leave.

"Please accept my sincere apologies. Did you just toss something out? How did she know?

Later, Sheree found out something shocking: despite being a doctor, Dr. Lee was not dressed appropriately for his job. In fact, his only shoes were his Bermuda shorts.

That's when things started to become very bad.

I argued to the doctor that I could sense everything. Alex recalled: "I'm guessing the epidural didn't do its job. "Oh, just move your big ass down," he replies, before adding, "Oh, I know you wish your doctor had returned to town."

"It was truly jaw-dropping, she later noted," she later said. As a pregnant woman, "I couldn't comprehend why all of this was going on."

A woman in labor watches her doctor acting strangely; he then stares down at his feet and stops,


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