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Pregnancy period

Pregnant patients should know about the pregnancy complication called Oligohydramnios.

All parents should know about Pregnancy complication called Oligohydramnios,most of the time woman don't normally do check ups while their pregnant which is very important to check on your doctor for consultation about any neccessary change in the body.well amniotic fluid protect a baby from any bumps to a pregnant woman belly.Low amniotic fluid is a condition in which the amniotic fluid measures lower than expected for a baby's gestational age,its very important for treatment so that the situation couldn't lead to miscarriage,this may involve in taking some medication, monitoring your blood sugar it is wise not to consume alot of sugar, while it's rare to get oligohydramnios in the first half of pregnancy, staying well hydrated during pregnancy is important.

Drinking alot of water helps the mother and the baby fir digestion ,If you have a healthy pregnancy and get oligohydramnios near the end of your pregnancy, you probably don't need treatment. Also it said that,"hydration is very helpful for increasing amniotic fluid levels between 37 and 41 weeks of pregnancy."



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