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It's never too late, woman receives her miracle after 20 years of trying

A child is one of the greatest gift a woman can ever recieve from God, many women dream of becoming mothers from a very young age but the time for every woman to have their first is not the same.

Some will have their first child too early before they even plan for them and some at the exact time they plan on having them, whereas some struggle to have their children and end up having them late.

There are many reasons that surround women who do not have children, some have fertility issues, some are going through miscarriages quietly and some just do not want to have children at all.

A woman gave birth to her first born child at the age of 52, this is after she tried to fall pregnant for 20 years.

This is a true example of the saying "God's dely is not his denial", she has trully beaten all odds. The bundle of joy finally came after four fibroids operations, five IVF rounds and a miscarriage.

Alex Dandadzi and Eleanor Mukura, welcomed their baby girl at the Netcare Pretoria East hospital.

It is never too late, the trick is to never ever give up.


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