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Pregnancy period

Is she going to raise a baby alone?click to find out

Is she going to raise a baby alone?

Pretyy is pregnant with Lehasa's baby. Her family has started to take care of the matter and do the right things. Pretty's family told Lehasa about the baby and he denied being a father to Pretty's child.

Pretty now has to raise the baby alone, it is not clear on how is she gonna take a of a baby because she is still in school and not working, in her family no one is currently working they all depend on Kwaito's savings.

Pretty didn't think it would be like this when she was involving herself with Lehasa. This pregnancy has definitely turned her life upside down.

Every decision she makes will definitely determine her future. In my opinion i think her family needs to fully support her without making her feel small.

If you were in Pretty's shoes what will you do?


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