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Pregnancy period

Ancestral child must normalizes doing the following rituals. opinion.

Reincarnated souls and the effects of a terminated pregnancy. 

This is a very sensitive topic as both women and men find themselves having to make life threatening decisions when they find out that they are pregnant.

I am not one to decide whether it is wrong or right to terminate a pregnancy but here are few things to bare in mind.Often we find ourselves willing to give anything for one more meeting with a dear departed soul, we long to hug our late parents again or kiss the partner who left our side too soon.

Often our wish comes true.Energy never dies. It is transferred back and forth endlessly, taking many shapes and occupying different dwellings.

Once energy escapes an expired body it's adores you can't wait to come back into your life, many times same, unmistakable spirit will radiate forth. Loved once can come back under a new disguise, they probably left before their time. Ever felt your loved one died suddenly or tragically? If they left unfinished business or believe they passed before their proper time.

Their spirit will Reincarnate as soon as possible. They will be reborn into the circle where they felt most loved but also into situations that allow them to resolve what was left open.

Imagine how excited this soul is when it finally gets to return but unfortunately they would not have the opportunity to fulfill what is intended due to a termination of Pregnancy.

Termination affects both women and men, I believe that no one has the right to pass judgment on this topic, while they themselves have probably done most despicable crimes.

Termination of pregnancy affects a lot of people more than we think. They keep this decision a secret with the fear of being judged and as the result do not seek help as African people it is important to forgive yourself first and seek help as to how you should go about asking forgiveness from your ancestors cleansing and bringing

closure.Some people suffer in their daily lives, take strain financially,finding it hard to conceive at the time they feel they are ready to, suffer bad luck in relationships and work. This can also be caused by not trying to rectify that termination you probably had when you were 18.

I can not stress how important an abortion cleansing is it does not only free spiritually but frees your life in general. There is ceremonies specifically made for this subject name them , cleanse them. Without the fear of being judged, seek help.


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