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Father And Daughter Pictures Causes A Stir, Look What Mzansi Noticed.

Another family just got mzansi talking after seeing their happy family picture.Apparently people noticed something very unusual about the family.Eventually the baby has brought attention to South Africans and they are not convinced that the baby belongs to the man.People were left shocked and others still find it unbelievable for the man not to see that the baby is not his.

According to the comments, mzansi claim the baby looks like an indian yet the father looks nothing like an indian.

From what people noticed, they are quite sure that the baby does not look like the man and he should consider DNA.By looking at the picture of the couple and the looks of the baby.Mzansi is convinced that the biological father of the baby could allegedly be an indian guy.It is very sad how South Africans tend to notice things that could eventually destroy a lot of thing.

But people claim the truth has to come out and the man should be told or either go for a DNA test.

After seeing the pictures, what are your thoughts? Share below!!!

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Source: Thokozani Ndebele

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