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They passed their Matric and their parents got them BMW's Worth R800k Each:See here /Opinion


Two teens are trending on social media after they received bmw worth R800k from their parents as presents .The presents were simply because they passed their matric with flying colours.

Their pictures have gone viral on social media and sadly its not everyone who thinks this was a nice gesture.Some thinks its unnecessary to spoil teenagers with such expensive cars but if their parents can afford it i say why not .Let them spoil their kids , after all that's why they are working so hard.

Black people are angry about these white boys saying their parents used money they obtained from seizing land from black people .But the truth is some of these white people they actually dont own land .They are working hard and running their companies and are sucessful at it.Thats why they can afford these things .

I think its time now that Black people stop playing the victim card now .They cant continue blaming their suffering on apartheid .Yes it did mess up us but we still have a chance to improve our lives and make them better.Yes it will take a long time for there to be equality in SA .But at least now opportunities are open for black people to create wealth too so instead of complaining and dwelling on the past they can use this opportunity too ,so that in the future they can buy their children bmw thats cost R800k when their kids pass school.

See some of the mean comments that were made about these two very lucky boys .

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