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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Very Funny Memes To Change Your Mood To Laughter Hope You Enjoy


Me having a online class.

Professor: Hey, tell your little sister to stop running around in the background, its distracting us

Me who lives alone:


When your dad is holding your phone and daddy calls you:


Love messages are cool, sweet and romantic but my dear,

BANK ALERTS are cooler, sweeter,most romantic, cure sickness and revive dead cells and many more:


When you stayed virgin, never ever smoked or drink, went to church every Sunday then on judgement day God says everyone is going to heaven, you are all my children


Don't call yourself my ex if you never met my family. You're just somebody who used to finish my airtime and data.


My neighbor is cooking chicken and rice,let me go and play with his kids. I don't know why i love kids.


Teacher: The exam paper is too easy that even kids can do it.

The exam:

Question 1

Orange is a .........

a. Fruit

b. Colour


Sleeping with your kid is like sharing your bed with a drunk octopus:

Hope you enjoyed!

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