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Pregnancy period

What is polyhydramnios? Learn more about this rare pregnancy condition

When you're pregnant as a woman it is probably the most life altering experience of your life. Your body changes, you experience hormonal changes and overall, nothing is the same as before. The experience of pregnancy can sometimes be a hard one though.

The condition called polyhydramnios is one example of why

This condition occurs when there is an excess of amniotic fluid in the uterus during pregnancy. The fetus usually drinks the amniotic fluid and excretes it as part of the normal pregnancy. When you have this condition the uterus become swollen.

There is no need to worry though as 1% of women usually get it and its symptoms present as early as 16 weeks. The most common reasons for this condition is the following

• The baby has a baby defect and cannot swallow the amniotic fluid

• The mother has pre-existing diabetes or develops it during the pregnancy

• Baby and mother have different blood types

In the most extreme cases of this illness, the baby could be born early, the placenta detaching or even a still born baby. It is a serious condition so please make sure you go to the doctor during your pregnancy to establish whether its healthy or not. You may need additional help if this condition happens to you.

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