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Pregnancy period

Types of contraceptives and their effects.

1. Condoms

Plastic Condoms only protects you against STIs and pregnancy. They're free at clinics and sold at different stores. It comes in males and females varieties, but it can burst during sexual intercourse, also some individuals can react to them(allergic).

2. Oral contraceptive pill

This tablet is taken once everyday at a certain time of your choice. They differs the combined ones contains ostrogen and progestin, the other one contains progestin only. It is highly effective thou it doesn't prevent one against STIs. Body differs it can mess up your cycle and negative effects can occurs. It's available at clinics.

3. Intrauterine device (UID)

This is a small t-shaped device that is made out of plastic copper. It is then fitted in a woman's uterus by a professional healthcare. It prevents pregnancy only. It doesn't prevent against STIs. You can bleed for days after inserting it and also differs with each one's body.

4. Contraceptive implant

This method is a small rod placed on a woman's arm, it releases form of hormones that stops the ovary on releasing an egg and make it hard for a sperm to fertilize. It is highly effective and doesn't prevent one from getting STIs.

5. The injection

It contains a hormone progesterone. It is slowly released in one's blood stream over a period of time to prevent pregnancy. It doesn't prevent one against STIs. One can gain weight, nausea, acne, headaches etc it differs with your body.

6. The morning after pill

This emergency pill prevent pregnancy of taken sooner. It is effective up to 5 days, it contains different females hormones, it can delay your periods or they maybe early. It depends with one's body.

What might work for me might not work for you, consult with your Dr to find out which contraceptives are good for your body.

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