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Traditional healer explains why women should stay cautious when giving birth in hospitals


When you are giving birth as a woman there are certain things you should look out for, before finding yourself struggling with a child in a later stage. Spiritually there are signs when a woman is carrying it giving birth to a giant, though that is the case some nurses in hospital become a problem because of knowledge they posses.

A child can be born with luck meaning he or she can be born en caul, meaning the child is born Embethe or Embethwe Idlozi. When a child is born inside an amniotic fluid, that child is said to be carrying powers that no man can hold. He or she posses the luck of making things happen without sweating, if only a ritual is done for that child. Man explained that since hospital nurses steal this bag, life becomes hard on that particular child. Before his or her blanket is found nothing seem to work out on their lives. Unless adults slaughter a goat to plea with the ancestors to welcome a new blanket for that particular child.

This time amniotic fluid from a goat will become a new blanket. After that everything that has been lost will be recovered, and people might think that the child Uthwele. Not understanding that in African culture a person born in that manner is guided by ancestors and luck becomes natural to them.

Now it is important as a woman to stay alert when giving birth, that is why men need to take responsibility when their girlfriend is pregnant. Children to through a lot because of mistakes some men do, the pride they have after impregnating a woman.

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