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Throwback: How A 7 Year Old Got Pregnant After Defilement By A Family Friend - Opinion

Disclaimer: In order to achieve a free press, the bitter truth must be revealed. The following photos are real and are not intended to represent alternative subjects or deter viewers. This article is based on an analysis of past events that have been confirmed and recorded by Wikipedia and other well-known platforms. It also contains my individual opinion.


Cancer, tumors and growth retardation remain the most complex diseases of the human body and, if not diagnosed properly, can lead to premature death or futher complications.

Premature puberty (early puberty) is a biological condition in which a child, boy, or girl develops faster than normal into adults. There are still many questions about the treatment of premature puberty which remains unanswered, but in no distant future will be accessible because doctors show great interest in this type of condition.

However, treatment/control can only be done after a careful medical examination. Reports also suggest that the disorder is usually self-diagnosed. Often, several laboratory tests, tracks, or pictures are performed to track changes in the body as they develop.

Studies show that precocious puberty/disorder usually occurs or begins before eight (8) years in girls and nine years in boys (9).

Even after decades of research, the true cause of this particular disease has not been clarified. Studies of many cases of precocious puberty show that it can be caused by tumors or cancers of the ovaries and other important hormones such as the adrenal glands, pituitary glands, or even the human brain.

Other possible causes of premature puberty can include central nervous system problems, a hereditary or family history of the disease, or some rare genetic syndromes. In most cases, however, no real cause of the disorder can be found.

Extortion, exploitation, violation and violence against children takes many forms – from sexual violence, harmful discipline, modern slavery, child marriage, and many other inhumane acts.

A global survery conducted by UNICEF shows that one in three adolescents is abused by the age of five (5) and one in ten girls is raped by the age of 15.

As Wikipedia notes, Griseldina Akuna was sexually assaulted by a family friend on September 13, 1936, at the age of seven (7). The gruesome act eventually resulted in a pregnancy and made her one of the youngest mothers in the world even till date.

As already explained, this is possible due to her condition. According to verifiable sources, she started menstruating at the age of three. Her body was already fully mature and she could get pregnant like any other woman who was menstruating at that particular time. After all the complications and operations, she managed to give birth to a son at the age of eight.

I thinks violence, sex violation and exploitation against children due to parental ignorance continues to plague the African continent. I also believe social ignorance is also one of the main reasons why it still thrives in Africa.

If you take a closer look, child marriage is still justified and honored by most African cultures and, even at this age, it is still highly respected by many. These actions have made Africa a center for violence against children and child abuse around the world.

Although various petitions and bills against marriage and child violence have been passed, some religious and ethnic beliefs still hinder the implementation of these laws.

Make sure you do additional research to get more information about precocious puberty and how you can spot and also get immediate help for possible victims. Don't forget to share and also leave a comment or two. Thanks very much.


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