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Pregnancy period

Local nurse confessed to finding this in a mothers womb while delivering a baby

Many women in their life time will consider using family planning when they decide to start a family. This enables them to do proper child spacing depending on how many children they want.

However most of the methods used for family planning are not 100% safe. Some people still find themselves pregnant even after trying so hard to prevent it. A local nurse send a picture that got people laughing as well as think deeply about they life choices.

She posted a picture of a loop that they had found in the placenta when they delivered a baby. A loop that is also known as the IUD is a t- shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones that prevent a woman from falling pregnant. It is usually placed inside the uterus by professionals.

The nurses however found it inside the placenta of a women as they were delivering her baby. This meant that the loop had not served its purpose of preventing the pregnancy which resulted in the woman getting pregnant again. a lot of people were shocked as to how this had happened but other people started sharing similar stories of how certain family planning methods had failed them and they still fell pregnant.

Some [people called it a miracle and even and were glad that the mother had decided to keep the child even though she was not expecting it.

This however should be a lesson to other women considering on family planning that they should at list do research on the effectiveness of the method. This will allow them to make a choice knowing fully that it might or might not work for them.

The other thing is the potential side effects of these family planning methods. People should also find out if the family planning method they want to use is good for them.

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