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Someone Should've told me how tricky breastfeeding is: DJ Zinhle Reveals Baby Asante

Motherhood is often regarded as the most gratifying experience a woman can have in her life. In addition, the benefits are not always simple to come by, as DJ Zinhle will certainly attest to. The entrepreneur recently had her second child, Asante, and she is already displaying her and the baby's flames on social media.

The former DJ Zinhle is now the adoring mother of two little daughters, and her baby daddy, Murdah Bongz, is at her side at every step of the way. They took to social media to discuss their experiences as parents thus far, which they said was not easy.

According to Zinhle, nursing Asante is hardly a stroll in the park, and that others should have told her that breastfeeding is not the most pleasant experience she could have had.

"Breastfeeding really kicked my a**, wow!" she remarked enthusiastically. "I should have been warned about how difficult it may become." "I'm not going to lie, I won't ultimately, but Wow," she continued.

Another issue that many parents struggle with is, of course, the lack of sleep and the incessant wailing in the middle of the night from their children. Asante, the daughter of DJ Zinhle and Murdah, has transformed her parents into walking zombies.

"Murdah and I have the appearance of zombies due to a lack of sleep. Our baby is peaceful, and she sleeps soundly, but a new born need a great deal of attention during the night. "We're witnessing flames," she explained further.

Despite the fact that Murdah Bongz and Zinhle seem like the perfect pair and would make the best parents in the world, they will never be husband and wife. This is according to Zinhle, who has stated that she does not wish to marry Bongz or anybody else for that matter. After stating for the umpteenth time on her first ever reality show on BET Africa, The Unexpected, Zinhle reiterates her desire to avoid marriage in her second season of The Unexpected. This was after her family had been bugging her for months to persuade Bongani to marry her.

"And they're curious as to when you're getting married, my sister." Zinhle made this statement while speaking to the cameras.

"However, I want to do what is morally right." Murdah was speaking to DJ Zinhle when he said this. "But the issue is, who is it that the correct thing is for?" a disinterested Zinhle said. Like…No!” She reacted in kind.

With the help of her reality program, viewers were able to learn more about Africa's top DJ and what goes on in her life. Zinhle has previously talked about her relationship with AKA, stating that it is non-existent and that they are simply Kairo's parents. She has had enough of being dragged into his life whenever drama arises, and she has had enough of it.

Zinhle confided in her bestie Moozlie, saying, "This is something that is occurring in Kiernan's life, but because Kiernan and I have a kid together, it ends up having an impact on me as well." "Kiernan has suffered the loss of someone he cares about, and now they are making it about me," Zinhle said.



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