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Know your contraceptives choices

Birth control also know as contraceptives or fertility control is a method of used to prevent pregnancy.contraceptives works in a number of ways.

A person's choice of contraceptives should depend on several factors like how effective they are at preventing pregnancy,side effects,costs and if they prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

3 commont types of contraceptives

Condoms - It protects against STIs and pregnancy and it comes in male and female variety.It can tear or come off during sex if not used properly and some people are allergic to latex condoms

The oral contraceptive pill-its a little tablet taken once a day,there are different types to choose from.Taking it on time is a must.Forgeting to take the pill means it wont be effective and it can only be used by woman.

The Contraceptives injection-it is given or injected into a woman's buttock or the upper arm.The injection last up to 3 months and it is very effective and it does not interrupt sex.The injection may cause irregular bleeding and it does not protect against STIs.

Thr person's body may react differently to contraceptives as the hormones are not the same.

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