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It's Never Too Late Too Early To Start Exercising, Heres How Parents Can Start A Home Routine

The human body is a very complicated and sensitive mechanism that can lose power if you don't keep maintaining it. We all know that children can sometimes or most of the times be Irritating because of the constant nagging. They are just trying to constantly get your attention because they can see that you know more about the journey that they are about to undertake than they do. You are like a God to them at that age, that's why you keep looking at the clock dreading the point to strike two. This is the time when all the silence leaves the house and noise comes rushing in, this is the after school bell. The little monster is back and is constantly bothering you. Well you can always trick a child into thinking that something is fun when it's actually work. Draw a workout routine and give it a very snazzy name, like Gokus DragonBall Z guide to reaching super saiyan God. Immediatly after the children arrive from school they must find you busy doing push ups and running up and down in training clothes. Tell them that if they want to reach super saiyan God status like Goku, that they must work out with you and train like he does. Now because they are little children we are not going to do the serious stuff. We are just going to do workouts that will strengthen their bodies and immune system as well. The moment that they throw their bags on the ground and change into training gear. Call them to the backyard and start stretching. Take a very long time stretching because they have to think that it's like playtime. After stretching put bricks on each end of your backyard and draw up a course. You must all run up and down that course until there is one of you left standing. The one left standing will decide what's for dinner that night. Buy your children some bicycles and go out for a bike ride on every Sunday around your whole neighbourhood. Carry money for refreshments and ice cream. If you live near a foot path through the mountains or bush that is patrolled by security, then hit that path with your children. You are making your kids healthy and fit while bonding with them at the same time. It does not have to be the Ultimate bike ride, you don't have to be mean, remember they are only children. When they are tired, stop and take the refreshments out, wait until you can see that they are properly rested. As time goes on they're muscles will grow stronger and they will end up going to whole path without rest. Soon they will make you look like the baby, because you will be the one who's always getting tired. This workout is just so that you're children can be healthier and less prone to disease. Bonding is also an added extra because the more time you spend with your kids, the better you get to know yourself. Let's Health Ourselves.

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