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People Were Heartbroken After Seeing These Chats Between Baby Mama And Baby Daddy

These chats are between a baby daddy and baby mama, the baby daddy is finally showing up to send the money he was asked for six months back. The baby mama reminded him that she tried to call him for weeks, his sisters blocked her number and he even changed his number just because of her. She added that I kept calling the number unknowingly and I couldn’t get hold of you. Keep your money I don’t need it there’s no baby…

She explained that by the time she was trying to get hold of him, she wanted to inform him about their baby’s condition and ask him to help with medical bills. The baby died and its been six months now, he must go make a baby that he will love unconditionally.

People were really touched by this story, most parents started sharing their experiences of being rejected after pregnancy. Some male tweeps were talking about being denied to see their babies…Why is it so difficult for ex partners to be civil to each other? Its not healthy to walk around with so much anger because it prevents you from make rational decisions. 

That’s why some people think its ok to deny fathers access to their kids and men not supporting their kids. He probably couldn’t pay for the babies fees, nanny, transportation, medical needs. He mostly was broke, had no means of income. Could he not check up on his child still and regardless of everything, there’s animosity in this relationship too but he could be hurt.

Since when do we block and ignore our children’s parents just because we are broke. The least you can do is to check out on your baby and be present in his\her life, that’s all that matters. The worst part is that this man even involved his sisters, imagine being ganged up on… Receiving hate from half of the family of your child’s father! It’s really frustrating.

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