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Parents are angry about the tragedy that happened in the tavern

Parents are angered by the tragedy where 17 people died at a tavern in East London. The cause of death is unknown at this stage, but they are calling on government to intervene and close the tavern. They say the liquor board should review the facility's liquor licence.

Here are comments about what had happened in The tavern

"Parents failed to raise their kids well and now they don't want to take responsibilities, when you failed as a parent to know what your child is youcan't blame the government."

'This thing of not looking after our kids where did they get money to buy liquor at the 1st place we can blame who so ever but we must also blame ourselves"

"Look after your own kids. What where they doing at a tavern? You can only blame yourself. "

"Imagine blaming parents while they have just lost their children!! What is this, grief shaming, bereaved parents blaming, good Lord, just have empathy! Put yourself in these parents' shoes and stop commenting nonsense "

"Parents are good in blaming everyone, when will we as parents also start to take responsibility of our own kids.Most of this kids were underage and how do you as a parent let an under age child outside at night while you are sleeping."

"We spared the rod and spoilt the kids, the government gave them rights to do as they please but gave the responsibility of the consequences from exercising those rights to parents, these are the results. We know the difference between child abuse and disciplining a child but govt put both under one umbrella. When we grew up, if an adult you didn't even know told you that it's late you should go home, you went home, these days children will tell you they can do as they please you're not their parent when they don't even listen to that very parent. The sad thing is parents warnings sometimes seem like bad luck because the things they warn you about end up happening. Society has fallen apart because of the disintegration of family values"

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