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3 Reasons Why Mothers Should Stop Posting Their Newly Born Babies On Internet

Most mothers share pictures of their newborn kids on social media to let their friends know how happy they are.

I'm not saying that women should not post pictures of their children on social media, but it's not appropriate for a mother to upload a picture of her freshly born baby on social media for security concerns.

I've listed some of the most important reasons why a woman shouldn't share photos of her new baby on social media, and I hope this helps educate others.

1. Be Aware of the Possibility of Digital Abduction.

Allow me to explain the concept of digital kidnapping. In this case, someone takes a picture of a newborn baby on social media and reposts it, giving the child a new name and identity while claiming to be the owner. This is known as baby kidnapping.

This is a process that isn't always obvious, but it does exist. All mothers should therefore prioritize the safety of their newly born children while avoiding the temptation to post on social media in the days and weeks following childbirth.

Instead of publishing a photo of your new child, you might post a written message to raise awareness among your friends.

2. Your social media post may attract dangerous individuals that you are aware of or are unaware of.

Every mother who is concerned about her child's future should think twice before sharing photos of their child on social media since you have no idea who you'll be dealing with or what kind of friends you'll make there.

Posting your newborn right after birth attracts unwanted attention from strangers.

3. Threats:

Everyone who is successful in life has an adversary they must contend with. Also, parents frequently overlook the fact that the social media platform hosts a diverse group of users, each with a distinct goal. As a result, if you announce the birth of your child, your enemies/dangerous people will take advantage of the situation and attempt to harm you in any way they can.

Beware, vigilant, and careful at all times, as not everyone who posts congratulations to you actually meant it. Avoid posting pictures of your newborn on social media to protect them from the perils of the internet. If you truly want your friends to be informed about your pregnancy and delivery, you can post a written message on your timeline.

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