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PICTURE: Some people smell something fishy about biological and step-parants of this boy

The picture of a boy with his biological and step-parents is circulating on social media platforms and people were left amazed by how united is this family. In most cases after parents went their separate ways, they tend to use children to fight their personal battles and children end up being caught up in the middle and have to pick sides.

But the story of this boy is different because even though his both parents have separated, and moved on with their lives, but he still gets their support. These parents were praised by several influencers on Twitter for putting their differences aside and taking care of this boy "Maturity when the needs of the child supersede your ego" Said an influencer, the picture, it can be seen that this young boy was graduating and his biological parents and his step-parents were as well present to support him. People have shared their thoughts in the comment section "Biological dad did well with stepmom" said a Twitter user. Some Twitter users were totally against this "I don't see the need of step-parents if biological parents are co-parenting" said a Twitter user. Some people were smelling something fishy "I won't be surprised if stepdad and stepmom are busy on the side" said a Twitter user.

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