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Skin Care

Miraculous Ways Your Belly Button Can Cure Daily Ailments.

1. It Can Make You More Fertile

As you already know, your belly button is directly related to your fertility. It also connects your baby to you when you get pregnant. Massaging this spot with the right oils can boost your fertility, irrespective of your gender.

You can add a carrier oil to essential oils such as juniper, or guava leaf to get the desired results. These oils will relax your body, keep the sperm healthy in men, and cure menstrual problems in women, thereby leading to increased fertility levels. They also assist in the regulation of hormones.

2. It Can Eliminate Dirt

In a bid to keep yourself squeaky clean, it is not uncommon to forget all about your belly button. In fact, the dirt that you clean from the upper half of your body can accumulate in your navel, making it an area that requires some special cleaning.

To do this, you'll need a cotton swab and light oils such as grape seed or safflower. These oils can soften the dirt accumulated and help in its easy removal with the help of the cotton swab. Just be as gentle as you can while cleaning your navel with the swab.

3. It Can Cure Infections

Since it’s quite easy for your belly button to get dirty, it can become the perfect home for germs and bacteria. These can consequently give rise to infection in case your belly button remains wet for a considerable period. Infections in this area can also arise if you get injured, and it doesn’t heal the right way. However, oils such as mustard, and tea tree can help you ward off these infections with ease. You should apply either one of them to your belly button two times a day till the infection is cured.

4. It Can Relieve Menstrual Pain

Period pain is probably one of the worst kinds of pain as it can disrupt your daily schedule and render you unable to do anything else apart from taking rest. Diluted essential oils, such as clary sage, and ginger have pain relieving properties. You must massage with any of these oils gently around your tummy to heal those cramps.

5. It Can Moisturise Your Skin

Suffering from dry, flaky skin that makes you appear dull and lifeless? Ditch that moisturizer and massage a bit of oil into your belly button. This simple activity will immediately make your skin soft.

Applying oil to your belly button and the region surrounding it in winters can lessen skin dryness to a great extent. Oils that you can use for this purpose include olive oil and coconut oil. Just put a couple of drops of the oil on your hands and rub it on your tummy. Your skin will become smooth after you come out of the shower.

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