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The Birds, The Bees And The Big Question

It's what you dread hearing - 'Where do babies come from?' - and it's coming straight from your little one. Before you rush a cover-up answer and flee the scene, think about the long-term consequences of not informing your child at a young age.

Empowered children are able to make better choices. Keeping kids in the dark doesn't mean they won't find out some other way. But it's deciding when, how and how much information to impart that is key.


Sexuality is a change subject, more for parents than for children. The very first step in exposing your children to their own sexuality is addressing your own hang-ups and prejudices. Before diving into the conversation with details about the dangers of sex, be sure to explore the wonder of human sexuality: How beautiful it is, the connection between two people, the making of a baby and the miracle of birth.

All children are bound to face untruths on the school playground or judgement from people who lack the skill to communicate in an effective way, and this can be confusing for a child. Thus why they need to hear the truth from you first.

When children are small, they want to learn about everything. We happily share our knowledge with them, but when it comes to sex, we omit important details, speak in muted tones, use euphemisms and slang or colloquial terminology.

We introduce feelings of secrecy or embarrassment, which shrouds sex in a mysterious cloud 'This lack of discussion does not help in a world where sexual abuse is rife. We cannot protect our children from the world we live in, but we can prepare them for it'


'The big talk' is not about unloading everything you know about sex on your wide-eyed six-year-old. 'The conversation starts when they are three or four, discussing body parts, what they are for and what their real names are. At this stage, it is about an open dialogue so that your child feels he or she can ask you anything and the answer all be straight.

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