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Pregnancy period

Why do people hide their pregnancy

We have seen this when DJ Zinhle was pregnant with her second born child, she revealed on her reality tv show that she had said this before she knew she would have a second baby, she told her friends that If she would get pregnant she would keep the news to herself.

It is common on other cultures too to hide a pregnancy more especially in its first few months of conceiving. It is seen as bad luck to announce the pregnancy within the first trimester and that something wrong might happen to the child. We saw many people attack Youtuber and content creator Vongai for announcing her pregnancy in its early stages when she came to announce that the baby had to be terminated because of defetcts.

Another thing that comes with the beliefs of pregnancy is that no one is allowed to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach as this might make the child to be restless or have problems. These are not yet proven to be true but it is what people believe in.

People tend to hide their pregnancies because of fear of miscarriage, and some hide because of stress, they feel as if the more people know about the pregnancy the more people will project their expiriences on them, more especially first time moms. They tend to hide their pregnancy so that they can enjoy this journey in peace.

Women who have had children before out of wedlock also tend to share their second pregnancies at a later stage because of fear of being judged. People will judge them for having a second baby out of wedlock whereas the same people would judge if they chose to terminate the child.

So please allow expecting mom’s to enjoy their pregnancies without judgement or needing to project your own insecurities on them. Pregnancy is such a beautiful yet stressing event, allow people to navigate this life process the best way they know how.

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