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"There is no proof of her giving birth" South Africans claims it's a scam.

The frequency of 10 babies born to a South African lady continued to raise awareness of their genuineness between individuals. The world is looking for photographs of the newborns in order to find out the truth.

Tsotesti told Pretoria News on Thursday 10th June that the child was premature, young and still incubated. He said doctors did not want to jeopardize the babies because their case was sensitive. He asked the public to be patient until they saw their baby in the correct moment.

According to the Daily Mail, reports by government officials indicated that they were aware of the situation and had previously had contact with the family.

However, a representative for the Social Development Department said she was unable to confirm the birth of 10 kids on Wednesday as no one has had touch with Sithole. Ms. Ndwayana indicated that the incidence would be confirmed by a social worker in her house.

No physician has confirmed the delivery of the 10 babies until today. Photos and baby records are not yet out, too. The misinformation left many people speculating what the couple may be planning. Below are the reactions on the incidence by people.

see some reactions below:

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