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Nails for babies, What has the world come to.

Babies are very fragile especially in their early stages of development, that is why they must be kept in safe environment that poses no threat to their safety and well-being. With a baby everything must be kept in check, a baby must be kept away from anything that seems like it might harm or even pose a health threat to the child. There are certain things that just can't be done to a baby especially a baby who is in the infancy stage, things such as leaving the baby alone or even leaving the baby close to hot things or a dirty environment are unacceptable.

There's one thing that we should all agree that it should most certainly not catch on as a trend, because it seems kind of careless and a little dangerous in so many ways to babies, and it is something you probably were not even thinking about and that is putting nails on babies.

Nails on babies? Well this does seem a little odd and careless of a parent to even think of doing this to a baby, but it seems like this women has done it. It is not common at all for a baby to have cosmetic nails and it should not be common at all. Let's just hope that this does not catch on and become a trend because it really puts a baby's well-being at risk. Babies are always scratching themselves on the face and having nails like that could most definitely hurt them bad, and we all know how fragile babies are.

Although it does seem kind of cute and adorable, it poses a threat to the baby's well-being and safety so let's just hope that this does not catch on as a trend, because it could hurt our poor little ones.

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