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Trending image: Ladies here's what stepfathers do with your child (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

Man are different from woman they have their way of playing with the children. This is what actually makes them different when it comes to parenting. After all they are caring and loving in everything they do. They add fun in it which fuel them to play with the little ones in a different manner.

As for step fathers and brothers it is a different story. Since whatever they do people react to it as though they are not showing love to the little one. Honestly man treat little ones in a manner that a woman wouldn't approve. An image of a step father went viral on social media after he was taken pictures playing with someone's little one.

This made people to react as though he was causing trauma to the mother. Little did they understand that men treat little ones in such a manner whenever they are left to play with them. Beware your little one could be facing such down time when you not around, this is how man play.

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