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Do You Do Withdrawal Method During Lovemaking? See The Dangers This Doctor Warned Men About

The use of social media has enabled people all over the world to communicate critically essential messages to one another. On Twitter, there is a doctor who goes by the handle First Doctor, who has used his page to discuss the withdrawal method of contraception when people are in love. He urged and cautioned men who used this practice to exercise extreme caution.

According to him, babies can and have been conceived by this procedure, and men should not rely on it as a means of avoiding becoming pregnant with a woman in the first place.

Furthermore, he stated that the majority of people are not aware that even the pre-cum can cause a woman to become pregnant, which is why a large number of infants have been born this way.

He wrote the following in his own words:

"If you're considering using the withdrawal method of contraception, proceed with caution. Even your pre-cum can result in a woman becoming pregnant. A large number of kids have been born as a result of this method."

As long as the sperm is alive and can fertilize the egg, it is feasible to become pregnant from any sperm. The pull-out procedure, despite the danger, is comparable to condoms in terms of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

Have you ever been perplexed as to why you utilized this procedure and the girl still became pregnant? I believe this is a plausible reason, and mankind must exercise extreme caution and self-protection, lest they become the source of food for another life on our planet.

What are your thoughts on this? Let's hear what you have to say.

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