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I Dream About Babies Screaming After Performing 7 Abortions, I Kept Having Nightmares

I Dream About Babies After Performing 7 Abortions, I Kept Having Nightmares

A middle-aged woman has shown the agony young Kenyan girls experience when left without parental instruction and sex education.

Martha Anne Bwore wrote how her naivety as a young Indian student who watched her losing seven children due to abortions.

Speaking during an interview with a local television station, Martha claimed she grew up with strict siblings and parents in a regular Kenyan family. Like most traditional households, her childhood did not entail s3x education, but when her parents sent her to Indian school, she was confronted with the reality at 17 years.

"I'm here with money, drink, boys and freedom in India. Girls were scarce therefore we were treated like kings," she added.

It was the melee she became pregnant but just discovered that she had a sudden abortion and lost her first child.

Traumatized, she returned to party life but it wasn't long before her lover first pregnant her.

"We're still young, I told it and he ordered me to get rid of it. I'm someone that I'll do anything for you if I love you, and so I did it."

It wasn't long before she had a third pregnancy, which she opted to retain. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was difficult and the doctors warned that if she maintained it she would kill her.

"I slipped into a depression after that third pregnancy and would take a lot of vodka and plenty of s3x, it would be as if you were taking medicine. I became pregnant two years later."

Her lover pushed her into the fourth abortion despite all her attempts to keep it hidden till she was delivered.

"After that I was upset at my partner but I was also close to another Kenyan. I became pregnant but it was purposeful this time," she remembered.

She stated her partner was a scholar and if it was found out she would be punished. He asked him to get rid of it, and she agreed to it.

"This was five months. I informed the doctor that I want to get rid of the kids. They performed a pregnancy test but stopped in the middle of the process. The doctor instructed I to be ultrasounded, and they learned that I had twins."

"I saw my two babies, a kid, a girl after two days of terror, and they were simply cuddling...

And I sobbed, God told me to forgive me and vowed to live his will," said Bwore.

It wasn't long before she had a sixth pregnancy, but she opted to keep her kid.

The consequence of this pregnancy is Bwore's lone daughter – Doti, a 27-year-old girl, who accompanied mom in the TV interview.

She would subsequently be aborted again when she returned to Kenya before she became pregnant and delivered her another kid — a 21-year-old son.

Bwore hopes to assist Kenyan girls embrace more responsible ways of family planning.

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