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Guy Causes a Stir After Revealing the Reason Why he Wants His Mother to Stay Alive

Most people love their parents, and just never wish for anything to happen because, they have been there all their lives and just can't imagine life with out then. Whilst for some people its the complete opposite as they hate their parents for many different reasons known by them, and they just can not stand the site of seeing their parents or even being in their presence.

When growing up we used to adore our parents and think the world of them, even if they were bad people deep inside, we just did not care because we loved them unconditionally just for being our parents. This following guy has caused a stir online after posting that he never wants his mother to pass away but the reason he provided was absolutely astounding.

He wrote that every day he prays for his mother to stay alive and just to never pass away, and the reason for this is because she is a bad person so he doesn't want to have her as an ancestor because he believes that she would destroy his life. This showed that even though we love our parents we can still see whether they are good people or not because we are all grown up now.

We even start to notice that they also only people with flaws and mistakes just like any body else in this world.


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