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My Family Member Confessed To Being The Reason Why I Was Paralyzed

Eliza has described in excruciating detail how one of her relatives admitted to her that he was to blame for her paralysis and that he had caused it. Despite the fact that she eventually made a full recovery, her life has been challenging ever since her husband fractured both of his legs.

Eliza traveled to Naivasha after finishing her education in Murang'a. It was there that she met her future husband. Eliza was born in Murang'a. She became pregnant with her first kid after the couple had been dating for a few months. The road through pregnancy was not an easy one. She experienced problems that led to the necessity of an emergency cesarean section being performed on her.

Due to the baby's preterm birth, they had to place him in the nursery. She began suffering discomfort in her legs soon after they were discharged from the hospital. She had trouble walking straight at times. It's possible that some people will think she's intoxicated. She was rushed to Kenyatta hospital, but the only treatment the physicians there could offer was pain medication.

Her health deteriorated over time.

Because her spouse had to work in another city, one of her aunts took her in and cared for her while he was gone.

At this point in time, she was completely unable to walk.

One evening, a relative came to the house while intoxicated, and they later confessed that they were the ones responsible for her paralysis.

Her entire family was cursed by him, and he predicted that she would have nothing but bad luck in her life. It crushed her heart to witness a family member harboring ill will against her. The next day, he stated that he had been under the influence of alcohol and apologized for his behavior. Her spirit was crushed, and she made the decision to go. She began attending to treatment, which assisted in the improvement of her legs to the point that she could walk with the use of a walker.

She has made a full recovery and is now able to walk a little bit. The moment she had fully recovered, her spouse was engaged in an accident, which resulted in the breaking of both of her legs. It has been challenging for them since neither of them is able to work, and they need three hundred and fifty thousand dollars so that her husband may have surgery. They are soliciting assistance from persons of good will in order to raise the necessary funds.


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Eliza Kenyatta Murang'a. Naivasha


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