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These are not real babies, checkout what they really are

I know you may have believed you were looking at a photograph of a real infant, perhaps because they appear to be so lifelike and full of character. Rather than that, they are only Reborn silicone dolls, which are not for sale.

That's something you've probably never heard or seen before. To begin with, what exactly are reborn silicone dolls.

As defined by the American Doll Association, a Reborn silicone doll is a doll that is created by an artist to seem like a real newborn, and these dolls are composed of silicone. This is referred to as the "reborn" process. Because the people who produce such dolls are the ones who resurrect people from the dead. I'm hoping you're keeping up with me!

In order to replace a baby who has died shortly after birth, dolls are frequently created and utilized. A baby's childhood is imitated via the use of reference images or other means, and at the same time, they are utilized in the production of newborn toys.

Some people who have not yet given birth to children have dolls produced to function as infants in order to give the mother the illusion that she is a genuine mother, since the dolls make them feel like they are.You may get them in several sizes based on your preference. There are male and female sizes, as well as preterm infant sizes.

Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think about them.

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American Doll Association


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